The Maldives is committed to hold impartial, free, fair and transparent elections

The Maldives is committed to hold impartial, free, fair and  ... Image 1


22 September 2018

In the run up to the election for President of the Maldives, to be held on 23 September, the Elections Commission has called on all concerned to support the Commission in its commitment to hold impartial, free, fair, and transparent elections.

As in previous elections, this election is open for international observers and monitors, as well as representatives of the candidates, and local monitors and observers, in compliance with the Presidential Elections Act, and regulations, as well as international best practice. The Elections Commission invited a number of international Observers, and application to observe and monitor the election was opened from 14 June to 15 August. 38 delegates from 11 agencies, and 26 representatives from media agencies have been granted the opportunity to observe, and monitor the Election.

In response to concerns raised regarding procedures for vote counting at polling Stations, the Elections Commission has reiterated that it will follow all standard vote-counting procedures used in previous elections to ensure a transparent process and to combat fraudulent practices. The Commission has since, publicly clarified the legal procedures as set out in the Elections General Act.

An Elections Complaints Bureau has also been set up by the Elections Commission, to review complaints regarding vote counting procedures and any other issues with regard to voting day. If the complainant is dissatisfied with the decisions of the Commission, the complainant also has the right to appeal the case to the High Court, as per the Elections General Act.

All elections held since 2008, have been deemed free and fair by international elections observers, and there is no expectation that this election will be different. The Government of Maldives has full confidence in the Elections Commission to deliver an election that is fully compliant with the laws, regulations and international best practice, in a transparent, free and fair manner.

The Government of Maldives welcomes the international community’s continued interest in a fair, transparent, and credible election in the Maldives. The Government of Maldives urges all parties, including the international community, to support the electoral process in the Maldives, and refrain from spreading misinformation regarding the elections and voting process, which may raise questions regarding the credibility of the election, and undermine the process.


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