Non-Resident Ambassador Hamdun shares his lessons from the history of planning

Non-Resident Ambassador Hamdun shares his lessons from the h ... Image 1


24 July 2018

Speaking at the first session of the Distinguished Speaker Series of 2018, held by the Foreign Service Institute of Maldives (FOSIM), current Non-Resident Ambassador of Maldives to Singapore and former Minister of Planning and National Development, Mr Hamdun Abdulla Hameed, shared his experience and lessons learnt from his long career of service, especially in the areas of national planning.

Ambassador Hamdun outlined the importance of planning ahead and being flexible at the same time. He also highlighted the importance of being useful and learning to make full use of opportunities.

Ambassador Hamdun’s lecture outlined the history of planning in the Maldives, and how the sector has evolved over time.

Ambassador Hamdun’s long career of service, spanning 39 years, was spent primarily in the field of national planning and development. He served as the Deputy Minister (1998-2003), and later as the Minister of Planning and National Development from 2003-2008. Ambassador Hamdun also has experience and expertise from other fields. He was a Member of Parliament, the Special Majlis to draft the 2008 Constitution, and served as the Principal of Ameer Ahmed School. He is a graduate of Economics, from the American University of Beirut. Ambassador Hamdun was appointed to his current post as Maldives Non-Resident Ambassador to Singapore on 19 December 2016.

FOSIM Distinguished Speaker series features notable figures both at home and abroad, and aims to create dialogue and debate on issues of strategic, and global importance among the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.