Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) meets with Minister of State Ahmed Khaleel

08 October 2019

A delegation from the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) today called on His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Khaleel, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. During the meeting which was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the CTED team briefed the State Minister on the ongoing visit to the Maldives, the purposes of the visit and their interactions with various interlocutors.

The purpose of this visit is to make a broad and comprehensive assessment of Maldives’ implementation of the obligations under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373 which was adopted in 2001. The Resolution allows the Committee to monitor, promote and facilitate the implementation and exchange of views on terrorist threats, trends, and challenges.

The CTED delegation conducted extensive consultations with various Government agencies, including the National Counter-Terrorism Center (NCTC) and the Maldives Police Service (MPS), and assessed the ability of the Maldives to implement provisions of the United Nations Security Council resolutions that deal with counter-terrorism. As part of a renewed engagement with the United Nations system, the Government of Maldives is looking to intensify its cooperation with international partners in countering terrorism and violent extremism.

State Minister Khaleel assured the CTED delegation that the Maldives will remain steadfast in its efforts to combat violent extremism, and is presently reviewing existing measures to ensure that law enforcement authorities and the Judiciary has access to the necessary tools and expertise to effectively address the root causes of terrorism, and to prevent terror-related activities in the Maldives.

The CTED delegation is headed by Ms. Elizabeth Joyce, Section Chief of Asia, Pacific and the Americas of the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate. Mr. Amin Javed Faizal, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also participated in the meeting.

Under resolution 1535 (2004), the United Nations Security Council established the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate to assist the work of the Counter Terrorism Committee of the Security Council, and coordinate the process of monitoring the implementation of resolution 1373 (2001).