Visa on arrival for Maldivians travelling to Egypt

13 July 2023

The Arab Republic of Egypt has made the decision to grant visa on arrival (emergency entry visa) to Maldivian nationals travelling to Egypt. The on arrival tourist visa allows all Maldivian passport holders (Ordinary, Diplomatic and Official) to enter and stay in Egypt for a maximum period of thirty (30) days from the day of their entry, with a visa fee of USD 25.

Maldivians intending to stay for a longer period or wishing to travel to Egypt for work or to attend an educational institution or to conduct business in the Arab Republic of Egypt, will need to obtain an appropriate visa prior to their travel.

The Government of Maldives considers this momentous decision by the Government of Egypt as a testament to the close and historic relations between the two countries and the high regard accorded to the Maldives by the Arab Republic of Egypt.