Foreign Minister departs to Argentina to participate in the Second High Level UN Conference on South-South Cooperation

18 March 2019

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Abdulla Shahid has departed on an official visit to Argentina this evening, to attend the Second High Level UN Conference on South-South Cooperation which is due to be held from 20th to 22nd March, in Buenos Aires.

The Second High Level UN Conference builds on the previous achievements of the Buenos Aires Plan of Action which was adopted in 1978, and focuses on important pillars in the area of cooperation amongst developing countries, known collectively as the Global South. During the meeting, Minister Shahid is due to deliver a national statement outlining the priority areas of development in the Maldives, and expressing the country’s interest in enhancing south-south cooperation between the Maldives, regional and international partners. Minister Shahid will also hold bilateral discussions with other partner countries in attendance, enhancing the Maldives’ diplomatic outreach and consolidating bilateral relations.

Furthermore, this visit is the first time a foreign minister of the Maldives is visiting Argentina, located in the Latin American region which has high potential for economic growth and commerce, but with relatively low-level people-to-people contact between the Latin American countries and the Maldivian people.The Maldives is in the midst of embarking on an ambitious agenda of consolidating democracy, in promoting human rights and enhancing its diplomacy on environmental conservation and climate change. South-south cooperation today remains one of the best drivers of global economic growth, and enhancing cooperation between the Maldives and other new and emerging markets could further improve and provide opportunities on its ongoing domestic efforts on key economic and social issues.