The Parliament passed the Amendment Bill on the Decentralization Act that paves the way for greater gender-balanced representation

06 December 2019

On 5 December, the Parliament of Maldives (Majlis) voted in favour of the Bill on amendment to the Decentralization Act (No. 7/2010) submitted by the Government, which includes the clause that one-third of local councils must be occupied by women.

The administration proposed to amend the roles and regulations of local councils including fixing the term of local councils to five years, and ensuring that women fill minimum 33.3 per cent (or one-third) of all council seats.

According to the amendment, one third of each council must be occupied by women. The amendments to the Decentralisation Act were unanimously passed with the agreement of 76 members.

The amendments proposed by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration were mainly focused on ensuring regional sustainable development and empowerment to local councils.

The bill was introduced to Parliament on behalf of the Government by Ali Niyaz, Member of Parliament for Hulhumalé.