Bilateral Relations

Maldives and the European Union

The Maldives established diplomatic relations with the European Union (EU) in 1983 and the Maldives Mission to EU was established on 1st April 2008.

On 22 May 2019, H.E. Mr. Hassan Sobir presented his Letters of Credence to the President of the European Council, H.E. Mr. Donald Tusk, at a ceremony held at the Headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Council.

The EU Delegation accredited to Maldives is based in Colombo and the EU Ambassador who heads the Delegation office in Sri Lanka has full diplomatic status.

The current informal forum for discussions with the EU is the “Maldives-EU Policy Dialogue” - a Maldivian initiative- which is held every year in Male’ since 2015 with participation of the EU Ambassadors based in Colombo. The discussions are co-chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ambassador of the European Union to the Maldives and mainly focus on issues of mutual importance and aim at strengthening the existing ties of friendship and cooperation.

In February 2020, the first Senior Officials Meeting between the Maldives and the EU was held in Male’.


The EU is one of the Maldives' largest partners.

In October 2019, the first EU Business Roundtable was held in Male’, co-chaired by the Maldives Minister of Economic Development and EU Ambassador to the Maldives. The discussions aim to facilitate and improve trade relations and investment coming from European countries to the Maldives.

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Tourism statistics show that European tourists make up nearly 50% of all arrivals, with over 500,000 European nationals visiting the country each year.

Development Cooperation

Since 1981, the EU has been providing development assistance with a special focus on climate change and the protection of the environment. The aim is to build a climate resilient economy and society through adaptation to climate change as well as mitigation, for a carbon neutral development path.

In June 2019, the Government of Maldives signed a Financing Agreement of EUR 5 million with the EU, to support the Government in implementing its Nationally Determined Contributions. In addition, a EUR 45 million loan to assist projects in renewable energy was signed between the Government and the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Maldives has also ongoing projects with the EU to support counter-terrorism efforts, strengthen democracy, and promote human rights.